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Income Tax Department

Income Tax Administrator

Marie Rose
Versailles Department of Taxation
177 North Center Street
PO Box 288
Versailles, OH 45380-0288
Phone: (937) 526-3294, Ext 204    Fax: (937) 526-4476
E-Mail: marierose@versaillesohio.cc

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Interest Rate

Form Printing Instructions:

To print the tax forms below, click on the form desired. When the form is opened in Acrobat Reader, use the Printer icon located in the Acrobat tool bar (2nd icon from the left). DO NOT use File, then Print, to try to print the file. Any questions, contact the Village of Versailles at (937) 526-3294.

Please keep a copy of all forms submitted for your records.

Income Tax Forms & Instructions DocumentNumber of Pages
Income Tax Ordinance No. 04-36 - Prior to 1-1-2016 31
Income Tax Ordinace No. 15-46 - Effective 1-1-2016 54
Income Tax Ordinance No. 16-37 - Effective 9-12-2016 2
Income Tax FAQ 3
2015 Income Tax Return Form 2
2015 Income Tax Instructions 2
2016 Income Tax Return Form 2
2016 Income Tax Instructions 2
Mandatory Tax Registration Form 1
Business & Contractor Registration Form 1
Income tax Rules and Regulations - Prior to 1-1-2016 33
Taxpayer Rights & Responsibilities 2
Penalties and Interest - Effective 1-1-2016 1
Employer Withholding Instructions 1
Employer Return of Tax Withholding Form 1 (2 Per Page)
Quarterly Installment Form VQ-1 1 (2 Per Page)
Declarations Instructions 1
Reconciliation Form W-3 1 (2 Per Page)